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TU Wien Distributed Systems Group Workspace

This space is meant to keep track of my research activity during my PhD abroad period spent in Wien, Tecnische Universitat - Distributed Systems Group, under the supervision of Prof. Schahram Dustdar.


Here follows a list of papers from TU Wien (potentially) relevant for collaborations, roughly divided in "categories", and each followed by a list of "our" papers (potentially) involved. A version of this page with comments on collaboration opportunities is also available (although for invited members only) on GoogleDrive.


Schahram Dustdar, Yike Guo, Benjamin Satzger, Hong-Linh Truong. Principles of Elastic Processes. IEEE Internet Computing 15(5), 2011

Schahram Dustdar, Yike Guo, Rui Han, Benjamin Satzger, Hong-Linh Truong. Programming Directives for Elastic Computing. IEEE Internet Computing 16(6), 2012

Social Computing Unit

Schahram Dustdar, Kamal Bhattacharya. The Social Compute Unit. IEEE Internet Computing 15(3), 2011

Schahram Dustdar, Hong-Linh Truong. Virtualizing Software and Humans for Elastic Processes in Multiple Clouds-a Service Management Perspective. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing 3(2), 2012

Human Collaboration Architecture

Christoph Dorn, Richard N Taylor. Architecture-driven modeling of adaptive collaboration structures in large-scale social web applications. Web Information Systems Engineering-WISE 2012, 2012

Christoph Dorn, Richard N Taylor. Coupling software architecture and human architecture for collaboration-aware system adaptation. Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Software Engineering, 2013

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