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Agent Interaction Semantics by Timed Operating Instructions

Mirko Viroli, Alessandro Ricci
Constrasting the standard framework based on agent-to-agent direct communication, in this paper we focus on agent interaction with the environment. In particular, the environment is seen as populated by ~coordination artifacts~, automatising coordination tasks and mediating agent interaction. As a semantic framework for this context we propose operating instructions, which the agent reads and interprets to become aware of the allowed actions and perceptions at a given time, and the MAS infrastructure can exploit to enforce correct agent behaviours and detect wrong ones. This allows us to conceptually handle a number of crucial aspects related to agent interaction, including interaction protocols, timing properties — such as delays and timeouts —, and a notion of contract featuring violation and guarantees.

Formally, our framework is based on a process algebra featuring (i) explicit connection between action and its related perceptions, (ii) a time-based branch operator, (iii) violation and guarantee deadlock states, and (iv) association of mental properties to interactions.

Keywords: artifacts, operating instructions, timing
Agent Communication, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 3396, pages 173-192, January 2005.
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