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Have ReSpecT for LogOp

Ronaldo Menezes, Andrea Omicini, Mirko Viroli
In this paper, we exploit two different coordination models, namely LogOp and ReSpecT, to discuss the design of a coordination infrastructure for distributed systems. LogOp model introduces coordinated primitives extending those of Linda towards usage on a multiplicity of tuple spaces, which can be dynamically associated by logical operators and then accessed altogether. These primitives are here given a mapping on top of the architecture of ReSpecT tuple centres, a coordination infrastructure suitable for distributed environments. A formal treatment of LogOp primitives is presented that allows us to reason about the applicability of the resulting model in the context of distributed environments.
AI*IA/TABOO Joint Workshop "Dagli oggetti agli agenti: dall'informazione alla conoscenza" (WOA 2002), 18-19 November 2002.
Flavio De Paoli, Sara Manzoni, Agostino Poggi (eds.), Pitagora Editrice Bologna, Milano, Italy
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