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Verifying Multi-agent Programs by Model Checking

Rafael H. Bordini, Michael Fisher, Willem Visser, Michael J. Wooldridge
This paper gives an overview of our recent work on an approach to verifying multi-agent programs. We automatically translate multi-agent systems programmed in the logic-based agent-oriented programming language AgentSpeak into either Promela or Java, and then use the associated Spin and JPF model checkers to verify the resulting systems. We also describe the simplified BDI logical language that is used to write the properties we want the systems to satisfy. The approach is illustrated by means of a simple case study.
Keywords: Agent-oriented programming - AgentSpeak - Model checking - Spin - JPF
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 12(2), pages 239-256, 2006, Springer
EUMAS'04 Special Issue
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