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displayName macro

  • content: no
  • parameters
    • name: string /default value "apice"; name should be selected among
      • apice
      • mok
      • soda
      • tucson
      • tucson4jade
        • t4j
      • tucson4jason
        • t4jn
      • tuprolog
        • 2p
          capitalised in any possible (wrong) way – otherwise, "Unknown name" is printed
    • html: boolean / default true; if true displays the HTML formatted version of name, otherwise (any other value) displays the mere string properly capitalised
  • examples
    • {{displayName/}} prints as APICe
    • {{displayName name="apiCE" html="false"/}} prints as APICe
    • {{displayName name="TUCSON" html="true"/}} prints as TuCSoN
    • {{displayName name="mok" html="true"/}} prints as MoK 
    • {{displayName name="MOk" html="false"/}} prints as MoK 
    • {{displayName name="tuCSON4jaDE"/}} prints as TuCSoN4JADE 
    • {{displayName name="2p" html="anywrongstring"/}} prints as 2P
    • {{displayName name="anywrongstring"/}} prints as Unknown name