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Software - Practice and Experience
Software: Practice and Experience is an internationally respected and rigorously refereed vehicle for the dissemination and discussion of practical experience with new and established techniques and tool for both software systems and applications. The key criterion for publication of a paper is that it makes a novel contribution from which other researchers and practitioners engaged in the design and/or implementation of software might benefit. . Submissions must be original manuscripts that have not been previously published and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Topics of Interest
  • Distributed Computing Paradigms: Service, Cloud, Fog, Edge.
  • Domain Specific Computing: Aerospace, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Power.
  • Model-driven Development: Model Transformations, Automated code generation.
  • Networking: Mobile computing, IoT.
  • Operating Systems, Run-time Support, and Virtualization.
  • Programming Languages and Compilers.
  • Re-use: Component-based, Patterns, Product Lines.

APICe articles & issues on “Software - Practice and Experience”
Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
An Architecture for Tuple-based Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems
Software — Practice & Experience 29(12), October 1999

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