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Nordic Journal of Computing
Nordic Journal of Computing (NJC) provides an international forum for high-quality original research within the core areas of computing (computer science, informatics). Editing NJC is a joint effort of computer scientists from the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Therefore a large fraction of the board of editors comes from the Nordic countries, and the focus of the journal will to some extent reflect the emphasis of the field in these countries. However, the journal itself wants to be a truly international medium, open for all authors throughout the world.

The central topics covered by the NJC include

  • algorithms and data structures
  • computational complexity
  • distributed, concurrent and parallel computation
  • foundations, semantics, and implementation of programming languages
  • programming methodology, specification, verification, and program analysis.
This is not meant as an exhaustive list. The focus of the journal is expected to evolve as new technologies, methodologies and applications of computing develop. Neural computing, computational learning, and data compression are examples of novel areas of interest to NJC. The very special relation between the science (theory) and engineering (application) aspects is a characteristic feature of the computing field. Therefore NJC encourages theoretical papers with sound motivation in applications and application oriented papers with a solid theoretical basis.

Articles in which theory development is supported by empirical evaluation, typically based on a prototype implementation or on case-studies, are also welcomed.

NJC will publish articles in three categories:

  • full papers presenting original contributions,
  • short scientific notes, and
  • survey and tutorial articles.
Special issues will occasionally be dedicated to a particular topic. Rapid publication is also one of our goals, perhaps including network publication in the future.

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Paolo Ciancarini, Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli
Coordination Technologies for Internet Agents
Nordic Journal of Computing 6, Fall 1999

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