Communications of the ACM
Communications of the ACM is the monthly magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). It was established in 1957 and is sent to all ACM members. Articles are intended for readers with backgrounds in all areas of computer science and information systems. The focus is on the practical implications of advances in information technology and associated management issues; ACM also publishes a variety of more theoretical journals.

The magazine straddles the boundary of a science magazine, trade magazine, and a scientific journal. While the content is subject to peer review, the articles published are often summaries of research that may also be published elsewhere. Material published must be accessible and relevant to a broad readership

APICe articles & issues on “Communications of the ACM”
Kirk L. Kroeker
Communications of the ACM 54(12), 2011
Kirk L. Kroeker
Communications of the ACM 54(12), 2011
Brian Henderson-Sellers
Communication of the ACM 46(10), October 2003
Nicholas R. Jennings
Communications of the ACM 44(4), April 2001
Peter Wegner
Communications of the ACM 40(5), May 1997
Robin Milner
Communications of the ACM 36(1), January 1993
David Gelernter, Nicholas Carriero
Communications of the ACM 35(2), 1992
Robert W. Floyd
ACM Turing Award Lectures, 1979

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