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MASTA 2013

Multi-Agent Systems: Theory and Applications Thematic Track of 16th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Angra do Heroísmo, Açores, Portugal, 09/09/2013 – 12/09/2013. Hosted by EPIA 2013.
Since 1993, the field of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) has been present in all EPIA Conferences, either as individual tracks or as autonomous workshops. Focusing on a fundamental subject of Artificial Intelligence, the 7th edition of Multi-Agent Systems: Theory and Applications – MASTA’13 Thematic Track, will be a forum for presenting and discussing the most recent and innovative work on MAS. Departing, from the end of the 1980’s, from the two main branches of Decentralized Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Problem Solving, research on MAS has developed in areas of increasing specialization and autonomy as diverse as agent theories and architectures, cognitive modelling, coordination, negotiation and argumentation, social organization and social simulation, swarm intelligence, and agent-oriented programming. Agent technology has been used to solve real-world problems in a range of industrial and commercial applications, including manufacturing, supply chain management, process control, telecommunications, air traffic control, transportation systems, and business process management.
Topics of Interest
  • Agent Theories, Architectures and Languages
  • Cognitive Models, including Emotions and Philosophies
  • Formal Methods for Modelling Agents and MAS
  • Cooperation, Coordination and Teamwork
  • Automated Negotiation and Computational Argumentation
  • Multi-Agent Evolution, Adaptation and Learning
  • Trust, Reliability and Reputation in MAS
  • Communication: Languages, Semantics, Protocols and Conversations
  • Artificial Social Systems
  • Agent-Based Applications
  • Multi-Agent Simulation and Modelling
  • Norms and Institutions in MAS
  • Ethical and Legal issues raised by Agents and MAS
  • Privacy, Safety and Security
  • Social and Organizational Structure
  • Formal Methods for Modelling Agent-Based Systems
  • Scalability and Performance of MAS
  • Modelling the Dynamics of MAS
  • Emergent Behaviour from MAS
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Agent-based Systems Interoperability