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Tag Index for Enrico Denti's Publications

This page indexes publications by Enrico Denti in the APICe space by tag. Currently, the APICe space contains 77 tagged publications by Enrico Denti, labelled with 81 different tags.

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A [top]
ACLT DNO1997Aclt Impl
ACLT|Linda|Coordination|MAS Aclt Aiia95
ACLT|Linda|Logic tuple space|Coordination|MAS Aclt Coord1996 | Aclt Frocos1996
ACLT|Programmable|coordination|media Aclt Modelage97
ACLT|Programmable coordination media|ReSpecT|Turing equivalence|Petri Nets|Tuple spaces Aclt Techrep97
ACLT|ReSpecT|Coordination|MAS Aclt Lnai1760
Agent societies|Smart environments|TuCSoN Soda Aamas02
AOSE|Artifacts|SODA Soda Esaw05
AOSE|Gaia Coordbook2001-Ch04
AOSE|SODA|OPM|Zooming Soda Aose2005
AOSE|Software process|MAS infrastructure|SODA|TuCSoN|SPEM|Situational method engineering|SME Aose Sac09
AOSE methodologies|Adaptive systems|Socio-technical systems|Smart Acec Wetice2016
B [top]
BISON|STS|contact Bison Insci2016
blockchain|logic programming|smart contracts|distributed systems Blockchainlp Woa2018
BPEL|UNIBO Orchestration Scp66
C [top]
centres|Privacy Bison Insci2016
Computational institutions|Norms|TuCSoN Norms Coin I
Computational institutions|Norms|TuCSoN|Roles Norms Anirem05
Coordination|Orchestration|Services Drr Esaw2003
CSM|Prolog|SICStus Prolog|CtxLP|Contexts Oolp Ilps94
CSM|SICStus Oolp Iclp93
CtxLP|Object-oriented programming|Logic programming|Contexts|Multi-paradigm languages|CSM|SICStus|Prolog Ctxlp Gulp92
CtxLP|Structured Logic Programming|WAM|S-WAM|Contextual|Programming|Contexts|Logic|programming Ctx Elp III
H [top]
Home|Manager Home Man ITS2014
Home Manager EDNovel Scenarios2014
J [top]
Java|tuProlog-core|Logic programming|Multi-paradigm languages|Reflection|MAS infrastructure Tuprolog Scp57
L [top]
languages Oolp Iclp93
Logic programming|Coordination Lpcoord Iclp97
Logic programming|Prolog|tuProlog-core|Java|Multi-paradigm programming 2p Multiparadigm2010
Logic programming|Robot Lprobot Pap94 | Lprobot Scsai95
Logic programming|Software Engineering Lpse Iclp94
LPaaS|2PaaS|logic Lpaas Woa2016
LPaaS|situatedness|logic Spacetimelp Woa2018
LuCe|logic tuple centre|agent coordination Luce Iclp99
LuCe|Prolog|MAS|Coordination Luce Coord00
LuCe|TuCSoN Luce Jaamas4
M [top]
MABS|Medieval battles|MAS|SODA|AOSE|TuCSoN|Coordination|Emergent behaviour Mabs Woa2011
Manager Soda Esaw08
MAS|SOA|Web Services Cartagows Mags6
O [top]
Objective vs. subjective coordination|TuCSoN Objsubj Coord02
OWL-S|Artifacts|TuCSoN Owls Eumas06
P [top]
programming Ctx Elp92 | Lprobot Pap94 | Spacetimelp Woa2018
programming|Contextual Ctx Elp92
programming|Logic Oolp Iclp93
programming|OOP|Multiparadigm Oolp Iclp93
programming|Prolog|tuProlog|middleware|IoT Lpaas Woa2016
programming|SOA|space-time Spacetimelp Woa2018
Prolog|Contextual Oolp Iclp93
Prolog|Logic Ctx Elp92
R [top]
RBAC-MAS|SODA|AOSE|Roles|Home Soda Esaw08
RBAC-MAS|SODA|AOSE|Roles|Home|Manager Soda Esaw IX
ReSpecT Respect Agp00 | Respect Coord97 | Respect Sac98
ReSpecT|Tuple centres|Formal models|Coordination models Respect Entcs48
ReSpecT|Tuple centres|Tuple-based coordination|SemHealthCoord-pre Respect Scp41
S [top]
Security|AOSE|RBAC|MAS secicaart2010
simpA|SOA Simpa Woa2007
SODA|AOSE Aose Aica06
SODA|AOSE|Artifacts Soda Esaw VI
SODA|AOSE|Home|Intelligence|Home|Manager Aose Ccis67
SODA|AOSE|Home Intelligence|Home|Manager Soda Icaart09
SODA|AOSE|Layering Soda Aose VI
SODA|AOSE|MAS infrastructure Soda Esaw VIII
SODA|AOSE|MAS infrastructure|MEnSA|UNIBO Soda Esaw07
SODA|AOSE|Meta-model Soda Ijaose4
SODA|AOSE|Meta-model|OPM|UML Soda Ceemas05
SODA|AOSE|SPEM|Methodology|Environment|Layering|Meta-model Soda Woa2008
SODA|SPEM|Meta-model|AOSE|MEnSA Aose Sac08
Spaces Acec Wetice2016
systems Lprobot Scsai95
systems|CARA|APPEAL|Contextual Lprobot Pap94
T [top]
TuCSoN Luce Spe99 | Luce Wetice00 | Tools Atai2002 | Tucson Aiia2001 | Tucson Wetice2001 | Tucson Woa2001
TuCSoN|LuCe|agent|coordination Luce Aiia99
TuCSoN|tuProlog-core Tuprolog Padl01
TuCSoN|workflow|management|virtual|enterprise|WfMS Tucson Cia V
tuProlog 2PAlpnews2013
tuProlog-core|Eclipse|Development environment Tuprolog Eit08
W [top]
WebLP|CtxLP|REST|ROA|tuProlog Weblp Unito08
WebLP|tuProlog-rel|REST|tuProlog Weblp Ia5
Wfms|Virtual enterprise|TuCSoN Tucson Ijcis11
WWW|REST|CtxLP|tuProlog-rel|Prolog|tuProlog Web MPPCeur436 | Weblp Ceur487