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TuCSoN (Tuple Centres over the Network) is a model (and related infrastructure and technology) for the coordination of Internet agents.

TuCSoN exploits a notion of local tuple-based interaction space, called tuple centre, which is a tuple space enhanced with the notion of behaviour specification. By programming its behaviour in response to communication events, a tuple centre can embody coordination laws. Several issues critical to Internet applications, such as heterogeneity and dynamicity of the Internet nodes, can then be charged upon tuple centres, and transparently to agents, which can then be designed independently of the different node architectures, according to a straightforward interaction protocol.

The TuCSoN coordination language provides agents with a twofold perception of the TuCSoN interaction space, as either as a global space made up of uniquely denoted coordination media, or a collection of local spaces associated to Internet nodes. This suits both roles of Internet agents, that is, as either network-aware entities or (network-unaware) local agents.

Space: TuCSoN Home
Contact: Elena Nardini


SODA (Societies in Open and Distributed Agent spaces) is a methodology for the analysis and design of complex agent-based systems. SODA is not concerned with intra-agent issues: designing a multi-agent system with SODA leads to defining agents in terms of their required observable behaviour and their role in the multi-agent system. Instead, SODA concentrated on inter-agent issues, like the engineering of societies and infrastructures for multi-agent systems. Recently a new and extended version of the methodology has been proposed, which takes into account both the Agents and Aartifacts (A&A) meta-model, and a mechanism to manage the complexity of system description.

Space: SODA Home
Contact: Ambra Molesini

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