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Foundations of Informatics A (2008/2009)


Questa porzione del sito è chiusa! Accedere alla versione dell' a.a. 2009/2010


  • A breve saranno pubblicati anche i temi d'esame teorici dell'anno accademico 2008-2009
  • Testo e soluzione di tutti gli appelli pratici sono publicati al seguente link
  • Exercises on OO and C available here: link
  • All Slides have been published
  • Dates for exams on the first sessions are on-line (see below)

Office Hours

It is reported at Mirko Viroli's homepage


Read (in italian) the exam rules at this link

Text and solutions so far link

Winter Session (Jan-Feb)

  • First call, practice: 13/1/2009, timing 9-18 link
  • First call, theory: 16/1/2009, timing 9-13
  • Second call, practice: 27/1/2009, timing 9-18
  • Second call, theory: 3/2/2009, timing 14-18 (New timing!)
  • Third call, practice: 24/2/2009, timing 9-18
  • Third call, theory: 27/2/2009, timing 9-13