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Oct 16 2014

TuCSoN Released

The new release (v. of TuCSoN is available from the download page. ...

Oct 14 2014

TuCSoN4JADE Released

TuCSoN4JADE (T4J for short) v. 1.0 was released, and submitted to JADE developer as 3rd-party contribution. ...

Apr 17 2012

Modificato il Look & Feel di xWikiApice

L'idea di fondo è la stessa, ma come si può notare, è stato ridisegnata la sezione superiore con nuovi header, più leggeri ed aggiornati.

Inoltre è stata introdotta una nuova barra di navigazione attiva, per spostarsi tra i principali spazi del portale.

Come sempre contiamo sul vostro aiuto per individuare eventuali malfunzionamneti.


Oct 17 2011


APICe server is now powered by XWiki v. 1.9.4.

Please report not working properly page or any kind of bug.

The Upgrade process in documented in Upgrade Issues.

Sep 07 2011


APICe server is now powered by XWiki v. 1.8.4.

Please report not working properly page or any kind of bug.

The Upgrade process in documented in Upgrade Issues.

Sep 30 2009

Edited volumes completed, too

Tonight I have completed the insertion of all of my edited publications on the APICe server. Pant. Looks good, anyway!

Jun 01 2009

First blog post

This is your wiki's blog first post. Its goal is to provide a short description of your blog's main features.

  • You can create new blog posts through the input field located on your Blog's homepage. The status of a blog post may be any one of the following:
    • Unpublished: your post is still a draft. It can be seen by its creator and by administrators. Once you have clicked publish, you cannot unpublish a post. However, you can choose to hide it.
    • Published: your post can be read by every user that has access to your blog.
    • Published & hidden: your post is published but only its creator and admins can see it. This is useful if you need to make modifications on a post that has already been published by mistake.
  • Every blog article can be tagged and/or categorized:
    • You will be able to browse posts by category using the panel located on the left of the page
    • You can create new categories and subcategories when creating a new post
    • The use of tags allows your article to be found by browsing your wiki's tags, along with any other wiki document
  • Blog-specific panels are available on the left of your blog page:
    • The recent posts lists the most recent entries to any visitor of the blog
    • The unpublished panel lists the blog posts you created, but didn't yet publish
    • The categories panel lets you browse blog posts listed by category and subcategory
    • The archive panel lets you browse blog posts by publication date

Happy blogging!

May 08 2008

AOMP @ SAC 2008 Site Started

Ambra and I just started the new XWiki Space for the ACM SAC Special Track on AOse Methodologies and Processes (AOMP@SAC2008). It is located at and will be developed mainly by Ambra in the next few days, just before the first CfP is distributed.

Feb 19 2008

My personal blog is working, finally!

With some limitations (namely, my indecision about category), my personal blog apparently works. Yup!

My personal blog

First personal blog entry in APICe. Personal blog is coming, in a few minutes / hours / days. ...