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Tag Index for Ambra Molesini's Publications

This page indexes publications by Ambra Molesini in the APICe space by tag. Currently, the APICe space contains 40 tagged publications by Ambra Molesini, labelled with 42 different tags.

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A [top]
AOSE|Artifacts|SODA Soda Esaw05
AOSE|Environment|SODA|Artifacts Aose Mags5
AOSE|Gaia|MAS|Adaptability Gaia Jseke21
AOSE|Gaia|Software|development|process|IEEE|FIPA|Document|Template Gaia Aodp Handbook2014
AOSE|Process Engineering|SME|SPEM 2.0 Processengineering Aose X
AOSE|SAPERE|Coordination|models|Pervasive|computing Sapereaose Emas2013
AOSE|SAPERE|Coordination|models|Pervasive|computing|Methodologies Sapereaose Emas I
AOSE|Simulation|Environment|SODA Aosesimulation2009
AOSE|Simulation|Methodologies|SODA|Method engineering|IEEE FIPA Aosesimulation Scico2011 | Aosesimulation Scico78 | Aosesimulation Scp78
AOSE|SODA|OPM|Zooming Soda Aose2005
AOSE|Software process|MAS infrastructure|SODA|TuCSoN|SPEM|Situational method engineering|SME Aose Sac09
AOSE methodologies|Adaptive systems|Socio-technical systems|Smart Acec Wetice2016
Aspects|Crosscutting concerns|Software Architecture Aspect Jss83
C [top]
Communication|Interaction|Meta-models|MDA|Software factory Mdsd Icset2010
Crosscutting|MAS Aspect Ecsa07
D [top]
Domain Dsl Eclipse2010
DPDF Standard Dpdf2010
DPDF|SODA|Software Process Soda Woa2010
E [top]
engineering|fragment|SME Mensa Aomip2010
L [top]
Languages|Eclipse|Android|meta-model Dsl Eclipse2010
M [top]
MABS|Medieval battles|MAS|SODA|AOSE|TuCSoN|Coordination|Emergent behaviour Mabs Woa2011
Manager Soda Esaw08
MEnSA|AOSE|method Mensa Aomip2010
MEnSA|AOSE|Methodologies Mensa Iat09
MEnSA|Meta-models|AOSE|SME Mensawoa2008
O [top]
OWL-S|Artifacts|TuCSoN Owls Eumas06
R [top]
RBAC-MAS|SODA|AOSE|Roles|Home Soda Esaw08
RBAC-MAS|SODA|AOSE|Roles|Home|Manager Soda Esaw IX
S [top]
Security|AOSE|RBAC|MAS secicaart2010
SODA|AOSE Aose Aica06
SODA|AOSE|Artifacts Soda Esaw VI
SODA|AOSE|Home|Intelligence|Home|Manager Aose Ccis67
SODA|AOSE|Home Intelligence|Home|Manager Soda Icaart09
SODA|AOSE|Layering Soda Aose VI
SODA|AOSE|MAS infrastructure Soda Esaw VIII
SODA|AOSE|MAS infrastructure|MEnSA|UNIBO Soda Esaw07
SODA|AOSE|Meta-model Soda Ijaose4
SODA|AOSE|Meta-model|OPM|UML Soda Ceemas05
SODA|AOSE|SPEM|Methodology|Environment|Layering|Meta-model Molesini Phdthesis08 | Soda Woa2008
SODA|SPEM|Meta-model|AOSE|MEnSA Aose Sac08
Spaces Acec Wetice2016
Specific Dsl Eclipse2010